Designing Fun.

A creative company
without the bs.

From iGaming to affiliation,
we get straight to
the good stuff.


A new standard
of fun.

DoubleUp Group was founded with one main goal – to create iGaming products that have staying power. A combination of hard work, lateral thinking and a heavy dose of enthusiasm makes this happen. Our recipe for success involves trusting our people to do exactly what they do best.

Designing fun is our motto, because if the end user is having a blast, then we’ve done our job.

At the root of our process is simplification. Our products and services work in tandem with intuition. We invite the end user to jump straight to the good bit – no learning curve required.

Big Bang

We wanted to design
something better.

One day it came to our attention that most iGaming products available were just fine.
But since when is ‘fine’ anything to get excited about?

So we applied our Tech expertise and jumped straight in. Now we’re the people who make iGaming the best that it can be.

DoubleUp Group was born.

We put quality and functionality at the masthead. Our purpose is to champion the end user experience. And we’re not going to lie, the fact that our products hit the mark as a resounding success is a large part of what drives us too.


This isn’t a
basement experiment. 

Dreamed up in the Netherlands and made real in Malta, DoubleUp Group is powered by people from around the world.

Every DoubleUpper has two things in common:

1. Tons of iGaming know-how

2. A drive to polish things up

With multiple teams stationed all over Europe, every person is a force to be reckoned with in their respective field. Together, we form a single pulse with a common goal – to build online experiences that don’t suck.



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